Narra for Wellness



Date Posted: 12 Jan 2023


  1. ECARMA Health Options Corporation (EHOC) has an official store on Shopee that offers ECARMA Bulk Packages (“E-Packs”) – these are product listings of single cartons that are filled with one or a combination of ECARMA products, and are listed at Twenty Percent (20%) Discount of SRP with free shipping to anywhere in the Philippines that is covered by Shopee. These E-Packs can be ordered by any user on Shopee to avail of the 20% discount and free shipping.

Bulk Package


Per Box

Per Carton/”E-Pack”




Net Price

No. of Boxes


Net Price


Basic Mix Pack

Box of 100 capsules

 ₱ 800.00

 ₱ 640.00


 ₱  8,000.00

 ₱  6,400.00

 ₱ 1,600.00


Box of 30 capsules

 ₱ 270.00

 ₱ 216.00


 ₱  2,160.00

 ₱  1,728.00

 ₱   432.00


Box of 15 tea bags

 ₱ 240.00

 ₱ 192.00


 ₱  2,400.00

 ₱  1,920.00

 ₱   480.00






 ₱ 12,560.00

 ₱ 10,048.00

 ₱ 2,512.00

100 Capsules Pack

Box of 100 capsules

 ₱ 800.00

 ₱ 640.00


 ₱ 24,000.00

 ₱ 19,200.00

 ₱ 4,800.00

30 Capsules Pack

Box of 30 capsules

 ₱ 270.00

 ₱ 216.00


 ₱ 21,600.00

 ₱ 17,280.00

 ₱ 4,320.00

15 Tea Bags Pack

Box of 15 tea bags

 ₱ 240.00

 ₱ 192.00


 ₱ 14,400.00

 ₱ 11,520.00

 ₱ 2,880.00

2. An ECARMA Health Counselor (“HC”) is any user with a Shopee account that has partnered with EHOC to purchase the above E-Packs for personal consumption and/or resell them to others to enjoy the following additional benefits:

    • An HC Commission of Ten Percent (10%) Discount of Net Price remitted to them via online bank transfer one (1) month after the end of every month – bringing their total discount at Twenty Eight Percent (28%) Discount of SRP. NOTE: This HC privilege applies only to purchases of E-Pack products and does not apply to other Ecarma products purchased from Shopee.
    • Receipt of the following marketing support:
      • Nationwide and if needed local advertisements; and
      • Free 1’ x 2’ ECARMA HC signage indicating that the resident/occupant is an official reseller of EHOC products.

3. To qualify as an official ECARMA HC,  order from our Shopee store any ECARMA bulk package (E-Pack), which is 20% off SRP and FREE delivery nationwide. Next, Email the below required info and documents to

      1. Resume with embedded recent photo and complete contact information;
      2. Copy of valid government ID with signature; and
      3. Shopee Username
      4. Bank account details
      5. Name of Referrer (if any)

        If approved, EHOC will remit the HC Commission worth 10% of their 2nd E-Pack order within 3-5 working days.

4. ECARMA HCs can sell the above items to anyone, anywhere in the Philippines thru any of the following options:

a. Reselling. HC clients can purchase from the HC’s stock any of the ECARMA products at any price not exceeding the above stated SRP.

    1. Reselling to Distant Clients. If HCs have clients in farther locations, they are strongly encouraged to enable the store feature of their Shopee account and listing the ECARMA products that they ordered from EHOC. Then, their client can order from their Shopee store, Shopee will handle shipping, and the client will pay very low shipping fee (around P40 per order if same region), and can pay via the payment options offered by Shopee. (A user manual PDF on how to setup their Shopee store & ECARMA product listings will be emailed to new HC if so requested.

    2. Reselling to Nearby Clients. HCs may sell directly to any client or customer near them or is easy for them to ship/deliver to.

5. An ECARMA Senior HC (“Senior HC”) is an HC that may have one or more HCs under them. In addition to receiving all the benefits of an HC (including the HC Commission), Senior HCs will receive yet another Ten Percent (10%) Discount Net Price of the total E-Packs ordered by the Senior HC and their HCs (i.e. “Senior HC Commission”) if the total E-Packs order amount reaches P20,000 for that month. These commissions will be remitted to Senior HCs via online bank or GCash transfer one (1) month after the end of every month, bringing their total discount to at least Thirty Six Percent (36%) Discount.


HC Commission

Senior HC Commission

Senior HC

10% net price of their
own orders

+10% net price of Senior HC & their HCs orders if >P20k

1st HC


2nd HC


6. To qualify as an official ECARMA Senior HC, the HC must a) not currently be under another Senior HC, and b) have purchased P20,000 worth of E-Packs for that month. If approved, EHOC will remit the additional Senior HC Commission worth 10% of their total E-Pack orders this month within 3-5 working days. The Senior HC can now also recommend a client or sub-agent (i.e., individual, association, organization) to become a Referred HC.  If qualified and approved according to Item #3, the new Referred HC is added to the EHOC HC database as under the referring Senior HC, and their E-Pack orders from EHOC now counts towards the Senior HC’s total monthly order when computing the Senior HC Commission. unless the Senior HC becomes inactive or gives consent in writing to transfer this additional 10% discount to the Referred ECARMA HC.

7. To remain active:

    1. An HC must order at least one (1) E-Pack of any value within a 12-month period. If they fail to do this, the HC loses their 10% HC Commission privilege, and they must requalify & apply as an HC according to Item #3
    2. A Senior HC must order at least one (1) E-Pack of any value within a 6-month period; otherwise, they lose their 10% Senior HC Commission privilege, and they must requalify & apply as a Senior HC according to Item #6.

8. An ECARMA HC will be considered inactive or suspended under any of the following conditions:

      1. Fails to purchase directly from EHOC Twenty  Thousand Pesos (Php 20,000) within six (6) consecutive months; or
      2. Engaged in an activity inimical to the image of EHOC and its products