Narra for Wellness

About Us


Former PAF Reserve Officer Lt. Colonel and PAL Boeing 747 Captain Virgilio Ecarmafortuitously discovered the wonders of Narra extracts out of his frustration from prescription medicines to treat his rheumatoid arthritis. He thought he’s got nothing to lose by boiling the scraped bark and branches of the tree and drinking it like tea.

It was a eureka moment for Capt. Ecarma when the pain went away totally. Has he discovered something? So, he tried the concoction on his diabetic brother-in-law who also has eczema. And lo and behold, the blood sugar became normal, and the itchy eczema was gone in days!

The UP College of Pharmacology and UP Bio-Organic Laboratory Institute validated the potent efficacy of these extracts on human subjects, including those with HIV/AIDS and leprosy. The process was then patented in the Philippines, United States and South Africa and approved for production by the Philippine FDA.  Ecarma Health Options was born. And in 2002, Mercury Drug began selling Ecarma Herbal Tea and ImmunHerbal Capsules, enjoying phenomenal sales until Capt. Ecarma’s passing in 2009.

The products slowly disappeared from the shelves of many drugstores in 2018, but their potency lingered. Jose Tomas “Tito” Meneses and his son Thomas Joseph “TJ” Meneses, who were among the avid users of Ecarma, were dismayed when the production of their healthy food supplement ceased production. Knowing what these products have done to many, the father and son team decided to bring them back in the shelves of drugstores nationwide. They purchased the company from Capt. Ecarma’s widow, Teresita, with TJ Meneses at the helm of company.

Now, the public can once again get their hands on Ecarma Herbal Tea and ImmunHerbal Capsules. The same proven products that have helped many, young and old alike, regain their lives back and not be enslaved by many diseases that affect an aging body.