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PSORIASIS is a chronic, gene linked autoimmune disorder affecting the skin leading to inflammation. T-cells are put into action by mistake where they become so active that they trigger other immune responses leading to inflammation and to rapid turnover of skin cells. The skin inflammation or flare- up occurs when a patient has infections, or is under stress, or due to climate changes, or due to taking certain medicines that may trigger an outbreak, or may worsen the disease.

Psoriasis is basically treated based on the type of psoriasis, the response to initial therapy, the severity of the diseases, and the size of the areas involved. The present treatments are focused on regulation of immunologic response to different stimuli but these medical managements are simply symptomatic with inevitable side effects.

With the advent of Narra tea, helping patients attain a better future is possible. Studies made on the effect of Isoflavones or polyphenolics on the macrophages has significantly altered its response to different stimuli. The same principle that must have brought relief to patients with psoriasis. Narra tea has the ability to regulate the immune system without compromising or downgrading its function against infection. It is unique and appropriately suited to the patient’s needs.

Since 2002, many psoriasis sufferers have already been helped by our product. The beneficial health effects can be seen in a few weeks such as the decrease in itchiness and better skin appearance. In a few months, the skin should look normal.

Doctors' Attestations

“From my experience Ecarma Herbal capsules is very effective in […] infections involving in particular respiratory and dermatological problems. […] So far for skin problems, even for cases of recurrent eczema or psoriasis, drying of skin lesions were immediately noted so as immediate reliev of respiratory symptoms within just one week of medication.”

-Dr. Sonny Villoria