Narra for Wellness

Narra Benefits


Obesity has been defined as an excessive amount of body fat. Why do people get fat, and why fat people are unable to lose weight? These questions have perplexed some scientists for decades and yet no clear explanation exists despite the fact that obesity is a major problem in our society!

The root cause is insulin. This is a hormone that our body secretes whenever we eat to help turn that food into blood sugar. While insulin is high, our body is in this “feeding” state. It simply won’t burn fat, in fact, it will store any unused blood sugar as fat!

For a healthy person eating 3 meals of real food a day, this is fine. Insulin spikes, food is absorbed, then insulin comes back down in a few hours which lets the body enter a “fat burning” state. However, if you eat food throughout the day (called grazing), and eat food that spikes insulin much higher than normal e.g. sugar & refined carbs, your body never leaves the “feeding” state, and all that excess energy turns to fat. Worse, your body starts to become insensitive to the chronically high insulin levels, making it even harder to drop down to a fat burning state.

The key to curing obesity then is controlling insulin levels. The sensitivity of cells to insulin can be improved by fixing your diet. The diet must be high in dietary fibers and low in sugar & processed carbs. Taking food supplements that can help metabolize sugar for energy will help even more, such as drinking tea made from the bark and wood of Philippine Narra tree (Pterocarpus indicus Willd) collected from the Philippines’ virgin forests. It has an insulin like effect due to its flavonoids contents – pterostilbene and isoliquiritigenin. Pterostilbene has been shown to lower insulin insensitivity, and therefore improve obesity, in several studies such as by Grover et al. in 2005 , as well as Manickam et al. in 1997.

Since 2002, many obese persons have already been helped by taking Narra tea. The reduction of fat will be around 1 pound a week but you will have more energy!