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Kidney or Bladder Stones

Bladder or Kidney Stone is composed of calcium salts, uric acid and phosphates. These compounds normally remain in solution (liquid form in urine) due to pH control and the secretion of various protective compounds. These pH control and protective compounds can be overwhelmed which will cause crystallization, such as reduction in urine volume, increase in the rate of excretion of stone constituent, reduced urinary flow, pH changes, foreign bodies and reduction of normal elements which make stone constituents soluble. Obesity and insulin insensitivity can lead to hypercalciuria (increase calcium in the urine), a high risk factor in stone formation.

Tea made from Philippine Narra can help in the prevention and removal of stones in the bladder or kidney for the following reasons. Narra tea is an excellent diuretic, increases the volume and rate of urine excretion and restores the normal pH value; it has an insulin-like effect which eliminates insulin insensitivity as shown in several studies by Grover et al. in 2005 and Manickam et al. in 1997; and it is a powerful antioxidant.

Thousands of urinary stones sufferers have already been helped by our product. The beneficial health effects can be seen in a few days such as better urine flow. Shortly, the urinary stones will be gone.

Patient Testimonials

  • “Nagpapasalamat ako sa dalawang taon na paggamit ko sa gamot na Ecarma kasi […] gumaling ang sakit ko po [kidney trouble]. ”

    Milagros Salas

    156,San Isidro Tala C.

  • “Una ang kidney stones ko ay hindi sumasakit ang spinal ko sa baywang sa likod. Pangalawa ay ang sugat ko gumagaling na. Pangatlo ako ay nakakatulog na ng maayos. Salamat po sa gamut na Ecarma Herbal.”

    Edgardo Mariano

  • “Dati po aking operator bato sa bato noong 1992. Noong nakaraan taon ako ay naconfine sa East Ave. Medical Center. Umihi po ako ng latak na parang hugis bigas. Ang sabi ng Doc operahan ako uli o kaya lagyan ako ng tubo para bumaba ang bato para maihi ko. Simula ng ako’y uminom ng Ecarma Capsule at Tea, sa awa ng Diyos hindi na bumalik ang aking karamdaman. Pati ang aking bukol sa tuhod ay nawala.”

    Raymundo Bocal