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Infectious Diseases like UTI


Microbes are everywhere – in food, water, air, even our body. Though most are benign, some can cause infectious diseases. Whether such disease-causing microbes invade the body and multiply depends on our body’s immune system. If the weak immune system is weak, the microbes continue to multiply and overwhelm the body’s weak defenses, thereby resulting in chronic infection and eventually causing enough damage to kill the person. In contrast, a strong immune system may also send killer T-cells to specifically attack and destroy the invading microbes. The result – the body is restored to health and often provides lasting immunity against another infection by the same microbes.

Your immune system may not be functioning adequately if you easily catch infections, they recur more frequently, are usually severe, and last longer than usual.

To strengthen the immune system is quite easy if you follow a few basic principles, including a positive mindset, exercise, enough sleep, and a healthy diet that contains immune-boosting food supplements such as Narra tea:

  • Eat a healthy diet which should consist mostly of natural and unprocessed foods. It should be high in whole foods such as vegetables, fiber, seeds and nuts. Avoid foods that are detrimental to health such as sugar, vegetable oil, refined carbs, and food additives.
  • Sleep for at least 7.5 to 9 hours every night. Sleep deprivation is linked to many major ailments, including a weaker immune system. Have a regular sleep schedule, and avoid using electronic devices or consuming food an hour before bedtime.
  • Develop a regular exercise program as it will help the body transport oxygen and nutrients into cells including the cells of the immune system and at the same time remove carbon dioxide and waste products from the body. Regular exercise will not only make you look better but it will also make you feel better plus it will make your immune system stronger.
  • Take multivitamins and most important of all take a food supplement like Narra tea. Our product is US-patented to help prevent & treat infectious diseases (US 2004/0033233 A1). Furthermore, it has been known to boost the immune system tremendously thanks to its high level of antioxidants. Also, Narra tea contains pterostilbene, a potent antioxidant shown in a 2010 study by Wang et al. to boost immune function.

The beneficial health effects can be seen in a few weeks such as the minimal recurrence or the total disappearance of those common illnesses.

Since 2002, many sufferers of infectious diseases like UTI have boosted their immune system by drinking Narra tea:

Patient Testimonials

  • “[Maliban sa ibang mga] magandang dulot ng Ecarma sa aming mag-asawa ay malakas ang resistensya (hindi madaling dapuan ng sipon, ubo, atbp.) ”

    Gregorio Felipe

  • “Ako po ay naging isa sa mga kumukuha ng Ecarma. Gamot ng talagang nakapagpagaling sa sakit kong ubo. Ubo na halos dinala ko ng maraming taon.”

    Encarnacion Reyes


  • “Simula nung nagkaroon ako ng anak, madalas ako magkaroon ng UTI. Dahil dito, umiinom ako ng antibiotic na nagpapagaling sa akin pagkalipas nang 3 araw. Mabuti na lang at nirecommenda nang isa kong cliente ang pag-inom nang Ecarma Narra Tea. Pagkalipas ng isang buwan ng pag-inom ng tig-dalawang Ecarma Tea capsules araw araw, napansin ko na hindi na masakit pag-ihi ko. Pati yung balakang ko naginhawaan. Nakatipid din ako sa pagbili nang antibiotic.”

    Sheryl Cabbangan

    Inang Masahista

Doctors' Attestations

“From my experience Ecarma Herbal capsules is very effective in many forms of infectious diseases […] I believe this may be attributed to the potent antioxidant effect and immune regulating factors of Ecarma, where both leads to increased immune system.”

– Dr Sonny Viloria

“I have been prescribing Ecarma Herbal ImmunElixir Plus capsule for my patients who suffes from infectious diseases for quite some time. These diseases ranges from respiratory, viral, and bacterial infections. Even dermatological cases have been encountered. Acute respiratory infections have been managed by giving one capsule to be taken after each meal 3 times a day for 5-7days resulted to alleviation of their conditions. Cases like eczema (“skin asthma”) were treated likewise with their lesions drying up.”

  – Dr. Joachim Nacu

“Previously, numerous antibiotics and immune enhancing medications were given to my grandfather for relief of his recurrent [bouts of respiratory infections] to no avail until I started giving Ecarma ImmunElixir Plus where I noted resolution of thick phlegm, cough, dyspnea and low grade fever. He was able to return to his daily activities in the farm. Since it was introduced to me for more than two years, I always augment ImmunElixir Plus to other prescriptions for my patients and significant improvements has been noted.”

  – Dr Lare Almazan