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HYPERTENSION or HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE is a blood pressure (BP) greater than 140/90 mmHg. Hypertension is divided into two types, namely: primary or essential hypertension where the cause is unknown; and the secondary hypertension where the specific cause in known, resulting for example, from a disease or physical problem. In essential hypertension, researchers have not discovered specific causes, although they have learned of some factors that increase the chance that a person will develop high blood pressure. These predisposing factors include heredity, sex, age, race, obesity, smoking, diabetes mellitus, long term caffeine consumption, chronic alcohol consumption, elevated blood cholesterol levels, stress and sedentary life style.

Doctors' Attestations

“Top morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, & arthritis compromises immunity and vice versa. A cycle that must be broken by the use of a powerful antioxidant like the pterostilbene found in blueberries. A rich source of pterostilbene from the Philippine Narra tree has been recently confirmed. After 2 decades of consumption & amazing results, I can strongly recommend Ecarma Narra supplements as 1st line of defense for the human immune system.”

Dr. Glenn Soriano

Narra tea can help lower your blood pressure due to the following:

  • it’s a powerful source of antioxidants such as pterostilbene, which is shown in a 2005 study by McAnulty et al. to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease in chronic smokers;
  • its insulin-like effect lowers your blood sugar as shown in a 2006 study by Pari and Satheesh, which burns fat thus reducing your weight thereby lowering your blood pressure;
  • A 2005 study by Rimando et al. showed that pterostilbene lowers both blood glucose and cholesterol;
  • it’s an excellent diuretic that helps in the elimination of cholesterol, uric acid, toxins and other body wastes;

The best way to check the effect of Narra tea is to have a laboratory examination of your blood chemistry before you start taking it and a month later after consistently drinking it. Since 2002, many people with hypertension have already been helped by Narra tea. The beneficial health effects can be felt in a few days due to the feeling of well-being. In a month or two, your blood pressure shall have gone down significantly.

Patient Testimonials

  • "Nagkonsulta ako sa Doktor, ang resulta ay may sakit sa puso, rayuma sa ihi at lagging mataas ang presyur. 160/100 and BP marami ng capsule & tableta akong na inom subalit hindi ako gumaling. 2001 ay nagsimula akong uminom ng gamut na Ecarma. Maganda ang nagging resulta. Magana na akong kumain maayos na ang pagtulog at ang pag-ihi. Bumaba na ang BP 130/80 na lang. Nawala ang kurot sa katawan. "

    Fely P. Lopez

    Barrio Sto. Cristo Tala, Caloocan City

  • "Mula ng ako’y nagagamot ng Ecarma Herbal ay malaki ang pagbabago ng aking karamdaman […] Dati rati ang BP ko ay 160/100 at ngayon ay 130/80 kaya ako nagpapasalamat sa Diyos. "

    Mario Medina

    Brgy. 187-823 San Jose, Tala Caloocan City

  • "Ako po ay umiinom ng gamut na Ecarma Herbal magdadalawang taon na ngayon […] Wala na akong nararamdaman na High Blood at pagkahilo."

    Proceso V. Fernandez

    878 Barrio Concepcion, Tala, Caloocan City

  • "Ako po ay may karamdaman high blood, sakit sa puso, diabetes, at rayoma, atraitis. Subalit ng maggamot ako ng Ecarma ay kaunti na lang ang sakit na nararamdaman ko, magaling po talaga ang gamut na ito “Ecarma” sa lahat ng karamdaman. Salamat po."

    Andrea Garachado

  • "Maliban sa ibang mga] magandang dulot ng Ecarma sa aming mag-asawa ay nagging normal lagi ang BP ng aking asawa."

    Gregorio Felipe