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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder brought about by increased blood sugar (hyperglycemia) due to inadequate utilization of blood sugar. Inability of the body to utilize blood sugar may be due to inherited and/or acquired deficiency in the production of insulin by the pancreas, or by the ineffectiveness of the insulin produced or insensitivity of insulin receptor to insulin thus uptake of sugar even with presence of insulin is inadequate. Recently compiled data show that approximately 150 million people have diabetes mellitus worldwide, and that this number may well double by the year 2025.

The symptoms of diabetes may be pronounced, subdued, or even absent such as the excessive secretion of urine (polyuria), thirst (polydipsia), weight loss and tiredness. Prolonged uncontrolled or erratic elevated blood sugar has a disastrous effects on the kidneys (diabetic nephropathy), nerves (diabetic neuropathy), blood vessels (thrombus formation), vision (diabetic retinopathy), immune system weakening, sexual function weakening, and others. To suppress diabetes, the patient must follow the diet for diabetics, must adopt an appropriate exercise program, and take an effective dietary food supplement known to help control hyperglycemia such as tea made from Philippine Narra.

Narra tea is a food supplement derived naturally from the bark and wood of Philippine Narra tree (Pterocarpus indicus, Willd) harvested from the Philippine’s virgin forests. Its principal constituents that can help people with diabetes are pterostilbene and isoliquiritigenin. Isoliquiritigenin has been found to reduce the glucose absorption from the gastrointestinal tract and improve insulin and pro-insulin levels. It is also known to help in beta cell regeneration. Pterostilbene, an isoflavone, has shown to significantly lower the blood glucose level of hyperglycemic rats in several studies, such as by Grover et al. in 2005 , as well as Manickam et al. in 1997 . Pari and Satheesh in 2006 concluded that pterostilbene has over 10 times the potency of metformin. These two isoflavones work synergistically to lower blood sugar and maintain it to normal levels.

Since 2002, many diabetics have already been helped by Narra tea. The beneficial health effects can be felt in a few days such as more energy and vitality, urination going to normal, blood sugar starts decreasing down to normal levels, strengthening of the diminished sexual function, and the disappearance of the other symptoms of diabetes.

Doctors' Attestations

“One of the major benefits of the use of Ecarma capsule is on the control of blood sugar primarily for its potent principal content which is PTEROSTILBENE. It is a Phytoalexin which has many actions, namely: as potent antioxidant, provides protection from microbes and parasites and controls blood sugar and blood pressure.”

Dr. Sonny A. Viloria, M.D.
Medical Director
Bio-Vitale Holistic Center

“Top morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, & arthritis compromises immunity and vice versa. A cycle that must be broken by the use of a powerful antioxidant like the pterostilbene found in blueberries. A rich source of pterostilbene from the Philippine Narra tree has been recently confirmed. After 2 decades of consumption & amazing results, I can strongly recommend Ecarma Narra supplements as 1st line of defense for the human immune system.”

Dr. Glenn Soriano

Patient Testimonials

  • “About a year ago, I was prescribed to take Sitagliptin Phosphate Metformin as maintenance medication to regulate my blood sugar. My blood sugar, then, averaged from 160 to 180 mg/dl daily. On January 24, 2020, my friend gave me Ecarma capsules to try.  After taking just one capsule per day for six consecutive days, my blood sugar surprisingly lowered to an average of 114 mg/dl. I plan to continue taking Ecarma capsules to hopefully further regulate my blood sugar without having to take my prescribed medication.”

    Pablo Guevarra Jr.


  • “Noong August 28, 2002, a nag pa Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) at nagging resulta ay 7.0 at an g normal values ay 42.-6.4. […] Sa kulangkulang na isang taon na aking pag gamit ng [Ecarma tea at Ecarma capsule], ay nag pa FBS ako noong Aug. 29, 2003 sa isang laboratory at ang resulta ay 4.92. ”

    Rodrigo Guarino

    #29 Bo. San Isidro, Tala, Caloocan City

  • “Ako po ay may karamdaman high blood, sakit sa puso, diabetes, at rayoma, atraitis.Subalit ng maggamot ako ng Ecarma ay kaunti na lang ang sakit na nararamdaman ko.Magaling po talaga ang gamot na ito"Ecarma" sa lahat ng karamdaman”

    Andrea Garachado