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Acne and Eczema

ACNE/PIMPLES is an eruptive skin disease, caused by the inflammation of the sebaceous glands (pores), chiefly about the face, chest and back. It is manifested as blackheads (comedones), white heads (postules) and inflammation (papule). Acne/pimples usually comes at the onset of puberty when the pores are stimulated to produce more sebum, and any blockage of the sebaceous canal will allow bacteria to overgrow and promote inflammation. Ultimately, this can result in severe scarring.

One aspect of acne/pimples which is seldom given importance is the contribution of intestinal toxemia in the formation of acne. One 2011 study by Bowe and Logan showed that 50 percent of patients with severe acne/pimples had increased blood levels of toxins absorbed from the intestines.

In another scientific review in 2018, O-Neill and Gallo believe that insulin insensitivity and/or impaired glucose tolerance is a factor in acne/pimples.

Although oral glucose tolerance test are normal in acne/pimples patients, repetitive skin biopsies reveal that their skin’s glucose tolerance was significantly impaired that lead one researcher to coin the term “skin diabetes” to describe acne/pimples. Many dermatologists have reported that insulin is effective in the treatment of acne/pimples. The insulin was given either systematically or injected directly into the inflammation.

Taking Narra tea can help the acne/pimples sufferers due to the following: it will stimulate the immune system to kill the bacteria thereby inhibiting inflammation and it will normalize skin glucose tolerance. Since 2002, many acne/pimples sufferers have already been helped by Narra tea:

Doctors' Attestations

“I have been prescribing Ecarma Herbal ImmunElixir Plus capsule for my patients who suffers from infectious diseases for quite some time. These diseases ranges from respiratory, viral, and bacterial infections. Even dermatological cases have been encountered. Acute respiratory infections have been managed by giving one capsule to be taken after each meal 3 times a day for 5-7 days resulted to alleviation of their conditions. Cases like eczema (“skin asthma”) were treated likewise with their lesions drying up.”

-Dr. Joachim Nacu

“From my experience Ecarma Herbal capsules is very effective in […] infections involving in particular respiratory and dermatological problems. […] So far for skin problems, even for cases of recurrent eczema or psoriasis, drying of skin lesions were immediately noted so as immediate reliev of respiratory symptoms within just one week of medication.”

-Dr. Sonny Villoria