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New Horizons in Health Options

New discoveries, medical breakthroughs and rapid advancement in diagnostic and therapeutic medical processes are changing the horizons of medical trends in the management and treatment of disease. Medical practitioners have likewise diversified and specialized in techniques and treatment methods. The unintended disadvantage of medical specialization today is reflective of rapid advances in medical management. The Medical Specialists today are “symptom focused” but unfortunately often overlook the patient as an integrated functioning system where one ailment may be reflective of a bigger problem!

CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE dictates medical practitioners to manage or treat the signs and symptoms. In a traditional Doctor-Patient Clinical situation today, focus is on management of the “Chief Complaint.” In most instances, a medication is prescribed and a plan of treatment for a give observation period is suggested after which a follow up evaluation is made. In a majority of the cases, the presenting sign or symptom is “managed” and further visits not emphasized thus assuming a transient medical situation requiring no further intervention.

Today we are seeing a movement of practitioners in all fields of medical specialization toward FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE practices. After the endless number of seemingly incoherent years in Medical School, doctors eventually realize in practice that everything “medical” is interconnected. Focus of management is migrating to the “root cause!”

How functional medicine may finally set you free from maintenance meds

When the body is in complete harmony, as manifested usually in the Pediatric ages, the body is healthy and takes care of itself! Thus, the practice of Pediatrics is more of a “careful monitoring” kind of specialty assuming the infant has inherited a strong immune system from a healthy mother. As the human body ages, metabolic processes evolve. With the exception of hereditary physiologic and metabolic disorders, the human body is a perfect machine operating in complete harmony and balance with other organ systems. Over time these organs and systems to which they belong, deteriorate. A single malfunction in a fully integrated system like the human body WILL affect proper function of the whole system. Decreased production of essential components of these metabolic processes (GLUTATHION, NITRIC OXIDE, etc.) pose a challenge to normal function.

Glutathione: The Mother of All Antioxidants

5 Ways to Increase Nitric Oxide Naturally

Life on Earth likewise has evolved drastically. Beneficial and adverse environmental changes have impacted on lifestyles and health today. Be it pollution (air, water, noise, etc..) stress (physical, mental, psychological, etc,), or disease, our bodies are exposed to harmful elements which threaten normal body function.

The human body is vulnerable to harmful elements entering either through the skin, mucous membranes, breathing or eating. Regardless of manner of access, the human body normally has a verystrong natural IMMUNE SYSTEM [Immune System Enhancement- V.V.Ecarma] in place. Unfortunately, this defense barrier can be compromised by poor lifestyles, poor nutrition and direct injury. The endothelium is considered the internal 1 st line of defense, the strength of which is mostly dependent on the health of the immune system.

Endothelial Cells: Function & Explanation

The human body can be compared to a fortress in constant battle against foreign invaders. The invaders which can weaken and damage the immune system are called FREE RADICALS. These by-products of many normal metabolic processes that are released in the human system and can injure cells and cause INFLAMMATION which in turn leads to OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTION and in the worst scenario CANCER.

OXIDATIVE STRESS (OS) is the process of free radical invasion. You see this in daily life as RUST. Metal undergoes oxidative stress and becomes rust. The human body undergoes oxidative stress and when gone untreated manifest as infection and sometimes cancer. ANTI-OXIDANTS prevent or minimize OS. GLUTATHIONE is the strongest naturally occurring anti-oxidant produced by the liver. This substance is abundant in the Pediatric age but production is drastically reduced by the age of 40. This progressive reduction in production of natural elements is why nutritional supplementation is crucial!

INFLAMMATION (implying redness and heat of flames) is the “rust” of the human body. Inflammation is the starting point of major human disease processes:

  • ARTHRITIS inflammation of cartilage, ligaments and bones;
  • ASTHMA inflammation of bronchial mucosa;
  • CANCER hyperplasia from chronic inflammation (liver, lung, kidney, colon, prostate);
  • DIABETES pancreatic b-cell inflammation; etc.

A strong uncompromised IMMUNE SYSTEM ( WBC, Antibodies, Complement, lymphatics, spleen, bone marrow, thymus) coupled with a regimen of strong antioxidants can prove to prevent major disease processes today. [link Infectious Disease] Antioxidation is a broad spectrum process involving a specific ingredient or a combination of ingredients and healthy lifestyle practices that encourage proper bodily functions. POLYPHENOLIC compounds are among the top ranking antioxidants found in foods that we consume daily. [link Pterostilbein] However, regardless of the potency of any single or combination of substances, poor lifestyle practices and habits adversely affect total efficiency!

The Effects of Smoking on the Body

ECARMA has joined the realms of medical practice toward new horizons of Health Options in the applications of Philippine Narra Tree extracts which have proven benefits in major diseases affecting the country today!